Why Worker Ready

Why Become a worker ready business?

The benefits of becoming a Worker Ready Business are endless.  So, what are they?

Improved productivity

  • Clearly communicated expectations ensure all employees focus on what is important to your business
  • New employees become productive team members more quickly 
  • Existing employees become more effective through the coaching and mentoring of new employees
  • Facilitate business growth by growing  the workforce you need

Improved retention

  • Use of a range of recruitment channels means you are more likely to find the most suitable person for the job
  • Targeted recruitment practices and on the job training mean you get the right person the first time even if you need to spend some time bringing them up to speed
  • Using experienced team members to coach and mentor new employees, increases the job satisfaction of existing workers by recognising and using their skills
  • Clear expectations enables employees to perform to the required standards and know they are doing a good job leading to greater engagement with the workplace

Confidence in your recruitment and induction practices

  • Understand how to navigate the variety of recruitment and induction methods available in order to find what works best for your business
  • Use the tools and templates as well as the recognition process to assess how your current practices stack up… you may be more worker ready than you thought you were!
  • Eligible businesses can undertake a Workplace Relations risk assessment to identify areas of potential exposure


  • Develop a competitive advantage by having systems and procesess that allow you to recruit for culture and develop technical skills on the job
  • Gives your business an edge in the competition for skilled labour with potential employees seeing your business as a great place to work
  • Makes hosting work experience placements simpler and easier, giving you the opportunity to use these programs as a potential recruitment strategy
You the employer are being interviewed... Employees are commonly regarded as brand ambassadors for their company, and the same attitude should extend to the interviewer. The key is to realise that the interview process is now a two-way process,  
Managing the interview process to ensure a positive job seeker experience, Robert Walters Whitepaper

What does the research tell us?

Studies show that the following factors, in order of importance to new recruits, are considered attractive...

  • Training and development opportunities

  • Remuneration and up front salary advertising

  • The promise of an enjoyable place to work (workplace culture and environment)

  • Flexible hours and working arrangements (work-life balance)

  • Straightforward application process (Hooper, 2007)

A business with positive employer branding (a good reputation) will...

  • Attract more suitable candidates and therefore have the pick of the best candidates

  • Create a business identity that is seen and promoted by current employees, attracting like-minded job seekers to your business

  • Have the best employees and therefore be more competitive

Developing your own employees gives you...

  • Greater flexibility in who you recruit, in other words, recruit on cultural fit and build technical skills on the job
  • Skills and knowledge are developed when you need them, and can be taught and assessed in the workplace
  • You can tailor learning for individuals to meet the needs of your business, both now and into the future