Employer Toolkit - Coming Soon

Employer Toolkit - Coming Soon

what is A worker ready Business?

A Worker Ready Business builds employee capability fast! 

A Worker Ready Business is committed to providing the best experience to individuals seeking employment with their business, job seekers and those transitioning into the workforce.  A Worker Ready Business understands that employees rarely come in a perfect package and most require some form of development to be fully effective in the workplace.  Worker Ready Businesses also have appropriate systems and practices to monitor performance, provide feedback, coaching and support to assist individuals to meet the expected standards.  These fall into four categories:

  • Recruitment; 
  • Selection
  • Induction and Onboarding; and
  • Workplace Culture and Ongoing Support.

Ultimately, Worker Ready Businesses have the systems, processes and capability to more effectively build fully productive employees. This program is designed to support businesses to become Worker Ready and achieve Worker Ready recognition.

What is worker ready business recognition?

Worker Ready Recognition is about having a business's commitment to supporting new employees to become productive team members recognised.  If your business is passionate about giving new employees the best chance at success this is the program for you!

Worker Ready Recognition can:
  • Recognise your recruitment, selection and induction activities as best practice (through online submission)
  • Assess your current practices against the Worker Ready requirements
  • Give you access to tools and templates
  • Provide feedback on current activities
  • Give you new and innovative ideas on how to develop new employees
  • Access to like-minded employers

Why become Worker Ready?

How to become a Worker Ready Business?

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